7 Horse Painting Vastu Direction for Home | Importance & Benefits

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05 June, 2023

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Different homeowners have different choices when it comes to decorating their houses. While it can be challenging to find a décor that can match everyone’s taste and standards, paintings are something that is liked by many. It can enhance a home décor instantly and provide a completely new look to the walls, be it a living room, dining room, or guest room. Moreover, the ancient principles of “Vastu Shastra” also recommend placing certain paintings in specific directions can bring positivity and prosperity. One such painting is the seven horses painting. Hanging a 7-horse painting at home can bring good luck, power, peace and success. Want to know more about the seven-horse painting benefits and the right 7-horse painting Vastu direction? Read this blog on the seven-horse painting Vastu's significance and placement.

  • The 7-horse painting meaning and significance

    The 7-horse painting refers to a painting of seven white horses running in the same direction with the rising sun or moon in the background. According to Vastu Shastra, decorating a house with a seven-horse picture is believed to influence all aspects of one’s life positively. Horses are considered to be auspicious animals in Vastu Shastra. Running horses symbolise power, courage, strength, stability and loyalty. The white colour of the horses represents peace and the backdrop of the rising sun represents a new morning full of positive energy. Apart from these, the number “seven” has an exceptional significance in the Vastu Shastra. It is believed to bring good luck and numerous stories are associated with this number. There are seven colours in a rainbow, seven oceans worldwide and seven sky constellations. In addition, seven horses are associated with the chariot of the Surya Dev, i.e., the God of the Sun, which removes darkness and illuminates one’s life. So, adding a 7-horse painting in the right direction of a house can bring many benefits for a homeowner.

  • The right direction for the 7-horse painting in the home

    Placing a 7-horse painting in a bedroom, temple room, study room, or on any wall facing the house's main door and washroom is not recommended per Vastu principles. One can keep a seven-horse picture in their living room, guest room, dining room or office. However, it is very critical to consider the 7-horse Vastu direction before placing the picture. As per Vastu guidelines, the best seven-horse painting direction in a home is the south wall. It’s because success and fame are believed to come from the south direction. Hence, hanging the 7-horse painting on the south wall removes obstructions and hurdles holding one’s success or progress. If the south wall is unavailable, one can hang the seven horses painting on their home or office's north or east wall. Placing seven horses painting on the North wall is expected to bring prosperity to the family. On the other hand, placing it on the east wall provides a boost to the homeowner’s career.

  • Where to place a 7-horse painting in an office?

    One can also place a seven-horse painting in their office or commercial premises. As per Vastu, the 7-horse painting can be placed in the reception area of an office. The best 7 running horses painting Vastu direction for office is West as it is believed to promote financial stability in that direction. Also, one should place this painting in a direction where it is in front of the eyes of the business owner. Additionally, the painting should be placed inside the office premises and not outside.

  • Factors to remember while selecting a 7-horse painting

    When a homeowner goes out to buy a 7-horse painting, they must remember a few things, including:

    • Horses in the painting should have peaceful faces. They should not have aggressive impressions.
    • It’s best if the horses are white coloured. White colour is believed to invite peace, prosperity, and success.
    • The Sunrise background is the best. One can also buy the painting with the moon background. Sunset, storm or any other disturbing background is not recommended.
    • The horses in the painting must be running in symmetry. Horses running in opposite directions are not considered auspicious.
    • There should be seven horses in the painting. One should avoid buying the painting with one or three horses as they are considered inauspicious.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be the 7 running horse painting Vastu direction in a house?

    According to Vastu Shastra, the 7 horse painting Vastu direction should be south.

  • Which room is best suited for the 7 horse painting?

    The 7 running horses painting Vastu direction should be South, be it your living room, bedroom, office, or home office.

  • What are the benefits of 7 horse painting with sunrise?

    The 7 horse painting with sunrise benefits you by enhancing your financial stability and attracting success.


Not knowing the significance and benefits of a 7-horse painting, they can buy one as per the Vastu recommendations and place it in the right direction in their home or office. It can not only remove obstacles in one’s progress but also bring positivity, good luck and prosperity.

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