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piramal mahalaxmi north tower
piramal mahalaxmi north tower
mahalaxmi north tower

Panoramic Views of South Mumbai’s magnificence.

Gaze out into the open. Let your imagination accept what your eyes can see. Enhancing residents’ lifestyle comes with a panoramic filter at Piramal Mahalaxmi Tower III. The views are simply breathtaking.Get in Touch
mahalaxmi tower lobby area

The Creation of an Icon.

The Transcedence of Time and PlaceThe architecture of Piramal Mahalaxmi North Tower resonates timelessness. It’s a shimmering beacon of glass, ambition and elevated aspiration. Tower III is elegantly and gracefully sculpted in staggering overlapping façade to allow for 6 private residences facing the coveted racecourse vistas.The pinnacle of the tower is stepped to create large terrace areas with spectacular views of South Mumbai, giving the tower a distinctive profile against the skyline. Tall and graceful, its strong presence positions Tower III as a powerful and poised statement to redefine Mumbai’s skyline.Get in Touch
mahalaxmi north tower view

Residences Par Excellence.

Each one uniquely Yours.Tower III residences exude sophistication with the kind of craving usually reserved for unique homes. Light, airy and conducive to relaxation, the interiors have been reimagined by interior designers.Tower III stands apart, epitomising luxury and creativity. In doing so, the staggered façade brings ample natural light and cross ventilation to the residences.Bold yet refined, the interiors span a magnitude of imagination. Exclusive, contemporary and subtle, the inside of each residence is a reflection of the traditions, complexities and crafting that adorn the outside. From the highest standards in interior design to the much sought after materials and finishing, every residence is a marvel of next level living.
piramal mahalaxmi tower 3 view